My love for hot peppers…

I have so much to share with you all and very excited about all the hot, peppery food news, happenings and products out in the market today. We’re seeing more chili peppers in products we never thought would go well with peppers. Liquor manufacturers, confectioners, bakers, and home cooks are experimenting more with peppers and using it in their products and foods to meet the demands of this quickly growing market. Could it be because of the prevalence of cooking shows and folks are learning more about pepper varieties and how to use them or that some naturalist and doctors are claiming health benefits? Who knows, probably a bit of both! Some say it improves circulation, others say it helps clear colds but I won’t get into the details, for that you can consult the professionals, but I do know that it clears the sinuses right up and produces sweat like you’ve just run a mile so that’s got to be good!

I’m happy that many have taken notice since just five years ago it was so difficult finding food or products that uniquely blended chili peppers in new and interesting ways. You’re probably saying “well people have been using chili peppers since the beginning of time.” Well yes, of course, but not easily accessible and not in store bought chocolates, infused in vodka for martinis, in candy and syrups, and even in cup cakes! I LOVE the creative ways peppers are being used nowadays and hope to see more and share some of those with you here as well as my own creations, some savory and some sweet. Stay tuned…

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