I’ve Moved and Redesigned Hot Lollies

Hi guys, I now have a self-hosted site on WordPress! A few months ago, yes that’s a long time, I redesigned Hot Lollies and forgot to update you all of the details on this site! When I switched over to self hosting I thought my new announcement post would show up here but low and behold it did not! Yikes! So sorry but I haven’t logged onto this old WordPress site in a while so didn’t realize you would not get my new post…and I’ve done so much since then! Hope you can forgive me! Here’s a snapshot of what my new re-designed site looks like…well not so new but it would be great if you could check it out and let me know what you think! (if you’re already a email subscriber please disregard this message!)


What I also realized was that if you have followers on a WordPress hosted site then move to a WordPress Self-Hosted site that you no longer receive any notifications of posts, etc. Only email subscribers get the new content! So my apologies if you thought I abandoned my site but I have been busy writing content here at the new and improved Hot Lollies! If you’d like to stay in touch, follow me via social media by clicking on the respective icons on my site…


or sign up using your email address to subscribe to blog, that way you won’t miss a single post!


I tell you, I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a techie but man have I learned so much about WordPress and blogging tech stuff over the past few months, shoot, I may be able to teach a class! ha!

Would love to hear from you so come on over!


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