Products for Spicy Food Lovers

It’s true that the more spicy foods you eat the more of it you’ll crave. It’s the endorphin rush many experience after having chile peppers that keeps them going back for more. The sweat beads building on your forehead, the runny nose, and teary eyes somehow isn’t so bad when that natural rush comes over you. You kind of forget you’ve been stung or just don’t care because the flavor and the feeling is so good!


1. Think Geek – Butch T Scorpion dried pepper 2. Fire Box Spicy Gummy candies 3. Heinz – Jalapeno Ketchup Add some to your burgers or give your french fries a kick of heat!

These product finds will definitely get the juices flowing in anticipation of that first kick of heat. Of course some will delivery more heat than others but just watch out for those angry looking dried peppers above, they are nothing to be messed with! That there my spicy foodies is a Trinidad Butch T Scorpion chile pepper, one of the hottest in the world. There are a couple hotter than this (Moruga Scorpion, 7-Pot Douglah) but this may be hot enough for most. The Butch T packs the heat of about 6-7 Habanero peppers so you be the judge, it’s all about what you can handle! Crush it up and add it to pizza, pasta sauce and just about anything you want.


4. Mike’s Hot Honey (image credit: cool material). 5. Tabasco Jelly Belly jellybeans 6. The Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens


Spicy Pinterest Finds for Cinco de Mayo

There are some great recipes and ideas to be found on Pinterest. I really have to watch myself on that site otherwise it’ll be hours of time spent gawking at gorgeous recipes you’d love to make but may never have the time! That’s why I like sifting through loads of them to bring you simple and easy recipes that meet my spicy requirements and get us all back to cooking! Try these great looking recipes this weekend for Cinco de Mayo and celebrate Mexico with lots of spice!

You can also check out my Spicy Mexico board on Pinterest for other great finds!!


1. Tequila Lime Halibut Tacos from Use Real Butter. 2. Tomatillo Salsa Verde from She Wears Many Hats. 3. Mexican Paletas from Pineapple and Coconut. 4. Michelada – Spicy Beer from HGTV. 5. Mexican Pizza from Fitness Magazine.


Comfort Foods: Spicy Soups from Around the World

Five spicy soups I’ve been wanting to make and now is the time! The weather here has been a little strange which has become the norm these days. One day its in the 20’s then it shoots up to 60 then back down to the 30s! Who can dress for this weather? Well one thing is for sure, Winter is here to stay for a while so stock up on your veggies and spices and let’s take a world soup journey. First up is an American nod to Mexico, then a tour of Asia and finally a pit stop in the sunny Caribbean…we can dream can’ t we? So get comfy in your over-sized sweater and thick wool socks and curl up to these awesome spicy soup recipes.

1. Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup from A Beautiful Mess. I can just taste the silky smooth sweet potato balanced with the spicy, smokey chipotle and looks so easy to make!

Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup

2. Indian Spiced Chicken Turmeric Soup from Spicie Foodie. I love Indian spice flavors and this soup is healthy and good for you. Studies show that turmeric has cancer fighting properties so get your fill here.


3. Yunnan Beef Stew from Lady and Pups. Just look at it, how can you resist this delicious bowl of short ribs, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and mint? Soul soothing!

4. Korean Spicy Green Onion Beef Soup, Yuk Gae Jahng from Week of Menus. This is my go to soup when ever I go to little Korea in NYC. This soup is peppery, bold and heart warming.


5. Jamaican Pepper Pot Stew from My Wooden Spoons. This soup is gorgeous and just waiting to be devoured! Add a scotch bonnet pepper to the pot for extra heat!



Hot Lollies Spicy Food Round-Up: 2012 Favorites

Here’s a round up of some of the most favorite of my recipes this year. It’s been a little over a year now since I started this spicy food blog and can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. I’m taking a little holiday break and will be back next year with new and fresh ideas on how to spice up your dishes. Just remember, a spicy dish doesn’t mean a super hot dish! I just like mine with some heat but I have made plenty of dishes here to satisfy all palates. Just take a look below for a few you can try for New Year’s Eve!

These were the most popular in the soups and stews category. Perfect for warming you up during chilly nights. Clockwise: Pozole, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Cream of Tomato with Chicken & Pasta


These savory and spicy appetizers are perfect for game day, holiday parties or when you’re looking for a lighter meal, just add a salad! Clockwise from top right: Scallion Pancakes, Jalapeno Pepperoni & Prosciutto and Arugula Tortilla Pizzas, Spicy Beef Empanadas, Spicy Asian Chicken Skewers, Jalapeno Poppers Dip, Spicy Pork Wontons


Clockwise from top right: General Tso Chicken, Blackened Whiting Bites, BBQ Ribs and Curried Plantain Mash, Cheesesteak Tostadas, Grilled Chicken with Tomatillo Salsa and Cheese


Clockwise from top: Jalapeno Raspberry Sherbet, Coconut Ginger Ice Cream, Ghost Tamarind Granita, Spicy Chipotle Chocolate S’Mores Ice Cream



Etsy Finds – Gifts For The Spicy Food Lover

Still looking for gifts for that spicy food lover in your life? Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for finding handmade and vintage gift items. I perused the site for cool gift ideas for the spicy food lover and picked a handful that I thought you would enjoy unwrapping!

Etsy finds 1_2

1. This Mortar and Pestle is perfect for grinding spices and chile peppers. It’s a must in every foodie’s kitchen! This one is handmade and one of a kind from the Mary Carol Perez shop. 2. How about spicy hot mustard to slather on warm pretzels? This hot little number has one of the hottest peppers in the world and surely a little will go a long way. Spicy ghost pepper mustard from Evolutionary Farms.

Etsy Finds 3_4

3. Spicy chocolate sweets are always a nice little treats. Get these Chile cake ball sampler from Cake Works by Jen or some of her other spiced cake balls. 4. These letterpress cards are so sweet! Chile lights Christmas card from Letterpress Light.


5. Now for the real Sriracha fans, how about this Sriracha iPhone case from Expresso Print?

Well happy shopping! If you can’t find that perfect gift then give the gift of time! Time spent with friend and family enjoying a nice home cooked meal is sometimes all you need!

Hope you all have a happy holiday!!


Six Spicy Turkey Recipes To Perk Up Your Thanksgiving

Have you decided on how you’re going to make your turkey for Thanksgiving? You might already have your tried and true recipe that’s been in the family for years but if you want to try something different check out these spicy turkey recipes! I love a flavorful and juicy turkey and these recipes will be sure to add some zest to that old and boring turkey recipe. From fried creole turkey to an ancho chile rubbed turkey, these kicked up recipes will be a huge hit at your Thanksgiving dinner. How will you season your turkey?

spicy turkeys

1. Creole Deep Fried Turkey from Southern Living, photo credit: Lain Bagwell, styling: Lydia Degaris Purcell. 2. Chile-Rubbed Turkey with Beet Stuffing and Gravy from Saveur, photo credit: Todd Coleman.

Spicy Turkeys

3. Spice-Rubbed Whole Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Gravy from Country Living, photo credit: Ray Kachatorian. 4. Apple Poblano Whole Roast Turkey from Cooking Light, photo credit: Oxmoor House.

Spicy Turkeys

5. Spice Rubbed Roast Turkey from Martha Stewart.  6. Paprika Glazed Turkey with Pumpkin Seed Bread Salad from Food and Wine, photo credit: Frances Janisch.


Blackout Special Series: Prepping for a Power Outage

Nothing’s worse than being unprepared when you’re faced with a power outage. Sure you need stock up on batteries, candles, non-perishable foods like canned goods, jerky, hot sauce 😉 and water, you know, the essentials. However, there’s so much more you can do to prepare for a potential power outage! Here are a few tips for you, just in case you’re faced with this small inconvenience, yes small because once you have a roof over your head and are clear of any dangers such as flooding or extreme temperatures, a little power outage is no biggie!

Five tips for surviving a blackout:

1. Stock pickled chilies and hot sauce! These add a burst of flavor to an otherwise boring meal and if it’s cold out they’ll add a nice warming effect. If it’s warm out, chile peppers can make you sweat and cool your body temperature well.

2. Freeze a case or more of water bottles if you know a storm is coming. Pack your freezer tightly with the extra frozen bottles so your meats stay frozen longer. I did this and my meat didn’t start defrosting until the 4th day. Other containers work well too.

3. Get an extra car battery and a special “drop light” for that battery so you can have lights! My brother, who has survived countless hurricanes and severe weather in Florida, gave me this tip. In his early mechanic days he used this set up when working on cars. You’ll have light for weeks at a time and it’s safe to store it in your house!

4. Get solar lights! Keep them outside during the day and scatter them throughout the house in the evening! They’ll provide light for up to 10 hours.

5. Stock up on booze, specifically warming spirits like cognac, dark rum or my favorite, B&B. The latter is a blend of cognac and benedictine for a spiced, oak-flavored, sweet spirit that delivers a nice heat after sipping. Try this warm cocktail for those dark, chilly nights.

warm spiced cider

Warm Spiced Cider

4 oz natural apple cider
2 oz B&B liquor
1 cinnamon stick
dash of nutmeg

In a small pot heat up the cider with cinnamon stick until warm, do not let it boil. If you don’t have a gas stove have it room temperature, it’s still good. Pour into a mug, add B&B and stir with cinnamon stick. Leave cinnamon stick in for extra flavor. Finish with a dash of nutmeg.


Spicy Dishes To Warm You Up This Fall

Here are a few hearty, spicy recipes to keep you nice and toasty this Fall. These are all in queue once I get back from vacation. What are your favorite Fall dishes?

1. Chicken and Brisket Brunswick Stew from My Recipes

2. Short-Rib Beef Stew with Ale from Simply Recipes

3. Gobi Manchurian – Fried Cauliflower from Sinfully Spicy

4. Spicy Moroccan Shrimp from Yum Sugar


Wordless Wednesday – My Little Garden Harvest

vegetable garden

cayenne peppers

cherry peppers


sage and thyme

mint herbs

green tomato

tomato and chile harvest

herbs and chilies harvest


Wordless Wednesday: Spicy Shrimp Dishes

I’m starting my Wordless Wednesday series with a few words… Every so often I come across amazing recipes, meals or styled feasts that just leave me, well speechless. These are the ones that inspire and make you want to pull out that mixer you haven’t used in ages, buy ingredients you normally wouldn’t stock or just simply make you drool! You know, the ones that just make you say *sigh*.

So every Wednesday I’ll be posting recipes from other great home cooks or professional chefs that inspire me to pull out my apron…yes, I have one, or two and hope you’re inspired too!

Shrimp Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce from Closet Cooking

Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Crostini from Whipped Baking

Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail from Kitchen Runway

Shrimp Ceviche from Muy Bueno

Spicy Firecracker Shrimp from Picture the Recipe

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