Products for Spicy Food Lovers

It’s true that the more spicy foods you eat the more of it you’ll crave. It’s the endorphin rush many experience after having chile peppers that keeps them going back for more. The sweat beads building on your forehead, the runny nose, and teary eyes somehow isn’t so bad when that natural rush comes over you. You kind of forget you’ve been stung or just don’t care because the flavor and the feeling is so good!


1. Think Geek – Butch T Scorpion dried pepper 2. Fire Box Spicy Gummy candies 3. Heinz – Jalapeno Ketchup Add some to your burgers or give your french fries a kick of heat!

These product finds will definitely get the juices flowing in anticipation of that first kick of heat. Of course some will delivery more heat than others but just watch out for those angry looking dried peppers above, they are nothing to be messed with! That there my spicy foodies is a Trinidad Butch T Scorpion chile pepper, one of the hottest in the world. There are a couple hotter than this (Moruga Scorpion, 7-Pot Douglah) but this may be hot enough for most. The Butch T packs the heat of about 6-7 Habanero peppers so you be the judge, it’s all about what you can handle! Crush it up and add it to pizza, pasta sauce and just about anything you want.


4. Mike’s Hot Honey (image credit: cool material). 5. Tabasco Jelly Belly jellybeans 6. The Sriracha Cookbook by Randy Clemens


New Lollipop Flavor just for Valentine’s Day

Hi all, been working on a new lollipop flavor for Valentine’s Day that I think you all will love! Cinnamon Spice lollipops have a nice spice flavor and come with a little cinnamon candy heart. The lollipops are made with cinnamon sticks and hot, spicy cinnamon candy which also give them their lovely pink color. A perfect treat for your special Valentine or just get them for all your friends! Lollipops are now available at my Etsy shop!!



Products I’m Loving Right Now: Infused Olive Oils

I got this infused olive oil as a birthday gift last month and have been using it on practically everything. I’ve made my eggs with it, drizzled it on bread, sauteed brussel sprouts, pan fried my black bean veggie burgers (so good!), fried wontons, you name it. This will even be good drizzled on salads and fish. It’s one of those versatile oils that can be substituted when ever you want to add a pop of flavor. This olive oil is bright with citrus notes and not exactly spicy at first but give it a few seconds and the heat blossoms in your mouth! My initial thought was “another dud” like so many products out there jumping on the spicy foods bandwagon and failing to deliver but this infused olive oil doesn’t disappoint.

Citrus Habanero Olive Oil from Olive-n-Grape

You can’t buy these online yet since company is working on their online presence but you can call them directly and order over phone or take a drive to New Hope, PA if you’re in the area. New Hope is such a gorgeous, picturesque village that you can make it a day trip and enjoy the other specialty shops and restaurants. I’ve been there in the Fall during the changing leaves and it’s breathtaking.


Gifts for your Valentine’s Day Hottie

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away so I scoured the web looking for adorable, peppery gifts that would appeal to almost anyone. Forget the flowers and typical boxed chocolates, spice things up with unique gifts your honey will truly enjoy. I decided on a few items that weren’t overly kitschy. It’s no secret I love spicy foods and the beautiful colors and shapes of hot peppers but you won’t see me wearing chile paraphernalia. If you walked into my home you’d never know about my spice addiction unless of course you poked around my kitchen. I usually go for the understated so when I found these little gems I just had to share…

1. These cards are so cute from Etsy shop PrinterettePress. What can I say, you’re a hottie!

2. Sterling silver capsaicin chili pepper molecule necklace from Etsy shop MolecularMuse. I love this! …or is that just the nerd in me? Either way, its cool and cute for your science buff…and it’s handmade.

3. Handmade silver and resin chile cufflinks from Etsy shop BirdcageCreative. If your man loves chiles he may dig these stylish cufflinks.

4. Three Chili Hot Chocolate sticks from The Ticket Kitchen. How clever and cool are these! Dip the spicy chocolate sticks into your hot milk and stir for a spicy, chocolaty treat blending chipotle, ancho and cayenne peppers. Pair this with cute mugs and homemade marshmallows for the perfect gift.

5. Forget all the restaurant hoopla and make a romantic dinner at home or cook for your friends. Who says us single folks can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day? Make your favorite dishes together, have a little wine while you’re cooking and make this sinfully delicious easy to make spicy chocolate cupcake from – photo credit: Cookinbug.

6. While your at it with # 5, make it a dinner and a movie night! Queue up one of my all time favorites movies, Chocolat with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche on Netflix or get the DVD. This movie is full of romance, comedy and chocolate! I must have seen this movie over a dozen times and it never gets old. It think its time for me to get my digital copy though since I don’t know how much longer my VHS is going to last! Hey, I figured if my VCR still works, why get rid of it?

Let me know if you find any other awesome spicy gift ideas!

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